Block 7, Street – 73, Behind NBK Bank,Subhan Industrial Area (South) +965 96962724 / 96962725 / 98002420
+965 96962724 / 96962725 / 98002420
Block 7, Street – 73, Behind NBK Bank,Subhan Industrial Area (South)


Bredz is an ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System certified Company

All our products are freshly made with passion, patience, skill, and the best ingredients available. Our product catalogues show a sumptuous collection of all our product lines, however not everything produced is featured. Should the product you are looking for not show in the catalogue, do give us a shout, after all, we are only a telephone call away! We’ve produced many creations with our customers - We’d love to hear your challenge!

Artisan Bakery

We are proud of our ‘Artisan Bakery Product Line’. The use of deck ovens with stone base enables us to produce excellent European style ciabatta, focaccia, and all kinds and shapes of sour dough breads (live sour dough used) you may think or dream of.

It is with love and passion that we do what we do! Dedicating all our resources to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We feature a copious array of favorite local and international hot dishes, portioned, and served cold – just to heat up at your convenience. From the traditional Kuwaiti Machbous and Indian Biryani to a Chines Chow, a sheer Pasta extravaganza and a magnificent Fillet Mignon in Creamy Mushroom Sauce…. all carefully spiced and flavored to their distinct origin.

Our Patisserie is the Sweetheart of Bredz, able to rally for mass production of a particular cake or individual pastry item ordered yet flexible and expert enough to whisk up a superb array of desserts for an elaborate buffet at the same time.

The meal for the more health conscious amongst us. Considered a main meal or go between, which has a huge following and wields growing influence about our eating patterns and behavior. Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Gym Enthusiasts, Weight Watchers, name it and you have it all in a rich and colorful garden basket.

John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich would be very pleased with us, if he could just see - taste and relish our sandwich creations. Our sandwich creativity line up follows every new eating trend, from lavish, to healthy and beyond! You name it we have it and if not, which is a rare occasion, we create it!

“Vienna, the city of Music and countless sweet delights, which came to be known as Viennoiseries, we continue the tradition of these remarkable pastry fineries from the “Back Stubn” of this magnificent city!


We are and have always been passionate about all our products and in doing so, we strive to preserve the uniqueness of our creations!